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Pendix GmbH and VSC Bike GmbH form the Pendix Group. Our vision is to inspire even more people to use bicycles, both for commercial and private rides. To this end, we offer drive technologies for existing bicycles and new vehicles. On the other hand, our industrial cargo bikes relieve the transport sector. Our products are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest quality standards.

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About 890 satisfied dealers.

Already 35 bicycle manufacturers rely on Pendix.

More than 25000 happy Pendix users.

This is what the press writes about us.

ebike-news.de; Nils Heininger; 30.08.2021

"The dream of dual drive for the e-bike was previously only possible with a very complex drive train. Now the drive manufacturer Pendix has rethought the e-bike motor."

Frau im Spiegel; Brave Classics; 22.05.2020

"Wicked! The Pendix eDrive (retrofit drive) turns the handmade and tame retro model "Bordeaux" into a racy e-bike".

c´t; Stefan Porteck; 2020

"A good e-bike can easily cost a few thousand euros. If you already own a good bike and don't want to part with it, you retrofit a motor. With the Pendix eDrive, it's easier than you think."

velototal.de; August 2021

"Compared to the hub drives commonly used on the market to date and their integration, the Pendix eDrive IN also offers decisive advantages."